At RockTenn, we place the highest priority on safety. We have established an aggressive 2020 goal to reduce our OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (RIR) by 30 percent with the ultimate aim of becoming an injury-free workplace.

When we first announced our safety goal, we identified 2009 as the baseline for measuring our performance. In May 2011, however, we became a company of over 27,000 employees, all of whom are now working within a common safety system. We have determined that moving our baseline to 2012 will better reflect the current size of our workforce and provide a clearer picture of our progress on safety.

Since 2012 our RIR has decreased by 2 percent, and the severity of injuries has been reduced significantly. The rate of lost workdays experienced by our co-workers as a result of work-related injuries has declined by 12 percent since 2012.

We envision RockTenn as an injury-free workplace. We will continue to look for innovative ways to engage our employees in safety programs and implement the best strategies to keep our co-workers safe.

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