Focus on Innovation

Mike Kiepura
Mike Kiepura
President, Packaging Solutions

At RockTenn, innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand, and every RockTenn employee has the opportunity to contribute to our customers’ success by thinking creatively. Our goal is to drive meaningful innovation by listening intently to our customers and developing a thorough understanding of their unique marketplace needs, including the demands that are placed on them by macro trends. Drawing from our understanding of the changing retail landscape, we strive to utilize consumer insights to identify innovation opportunities, collaborating with our customers, suppliers and retailers to implement solutions that optimize the supply chain.

The realignment of our Corrugated, Folding and Merchandising Displays operations into a single Packaging Solutions business has given us the opportunity to better leverage the diverse skills and talents of our workforce. I’m really pleased with the connections and thought-provoking interactions that have occurred as a result of the realignment. Our co-workers are truly at the heart of innovation at RockTenn, making our manufacturing processes more efficient, improving the quality of our products, reducing waste, investigating new technologies, and helping our customers create solutions to their challenges.

Throughout our organization, knowledgeable, creative and engaged teams of people are looking for new ways to deliver customer value through a holistic, fiber-neutral view of packaging that enables our customers to sell more and meet their own sustainability objectives.

-Mike Kiepura, President of Packaging Solutions