Focus on the Environment

Mike Kiepura
Jim Porter
President, paper solutions

In the Paper Solutions business, sustainability touches everything we do. It impacts the way our mills procure fiber, use water, generate the energy that powers our facilities, and manage the byproducts we produce.

We believe that every single RockTenn employee has the opportunity to positively impact our environmental efforts. To support this belief, we provide our employees with the training and resources required to effectively perform activities that impact the environment in a responsible manner. We also work with our customers, suppliers and communities to assist them in meeting their environmental goals.

Our focus on improving our environmental practices has resulted in some incredible success stories. For example, our teams at the Stevenson, Ala., and Chattanooga, Tenn., mills have found ways to reduce water use substantially in just a couple of years. We’ve also improved our energy efficiency by 5 percent and reduced our CO2 emissions by 8 percent over the past five years. The process innovations created by our mill teams laid the foundation for the $50 million in environmental capital investments that we made in fiscal year 2014.

While we face many complex challenges, we are on our way to reaching our 2020 sustainability goals. We will continue to drive improvements and make our business more sustainable by engaging RockTenn employees throughout the organization and collaborating with our stakeholders.

-Jim Porter, President of Paper Solutions