Innovation & Customers

At RockTenn, our mission is to provide safe, superior products that satisfy our customers every time. We believe that sustainability drives innovation, and we are always working to find better ways to help our customers achieve their business objectives while improving our operations. RockTenn’s dedication to innovation has resulted in several exciting product developments that have financial, environmental and other sustainability benefits.


Investment + Innovation = Success

At RockTenn, we’re always looking for ways to increase quality, reliability and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. In the next few years, we will have integrated approximately 30 Mitsubishi Evolution flexo folder gluers – or EVOLs – into our corrugated packaging system. The EVOLs produce higher quality boxes in significantly less time.

But installing new equipment wasn't enough for RockTenn. Steve York, RockTenn's senior vice president, engineering and manufacturing services, and a team consisting of Fred Rossi, Rich Broschard, Terry Neville, Steve Long, Mike Martin and Greg Kielma, came up with an innovative equipment arrangement that creates a significant advantage for our corrugated manufacturing plants. Although many facilities may have both the EVOL and a twin box slitter, this team developed a method to configure both pieces of equipment in a way that reduces cost and doubles box production at the same or higher quality.


An Important
Piece of the Pie

One of our customers, a national pizza restaurant chain, noticed that pizza prepared at its headquarters’ bakery tasted better than pizza that was delivered. This insight set off an extensive research project by the chain, which identified packaging as a key component of high-quality home delivery pizza.

The pizza company already had a strong relationship with RockTenn, and was impressed with our product safety and certification procedures that set the bar for corrugated packaging. Because of our product safety standards, our customer knew we were the supplier to enhance its boxes to preserve the quality, taste and safety of its pizza.

Following extensive trials of various paper combinations, our customer determined that RockTenn’s white top corrugated paperboard made the best box to allow customers to enjoy the full flavor of its home-delivered pizzas. Specifications for the boxes were developed, and now RockTenn supplies pizza boxes for all of the chain’s domestic and international operations.

Like our customer, we’re delivering the best product.

Ensuring that our products are safe for use is of paramount importance to RockTenn. We take proactive steps to ensure the packaging we produce satisfies our customers’ specifications, is free of contamination and meets all applicable safety standards. Our manufacturing facilities are required to implement robust product certification protocols that are appropriate for the products they make. These protocols, which are tailored to specific product lines, generally include certification and inspection of incoming raw materials to minimize the potential introduction of contaminants; routine chemical and microbiological testing to ensure that products meet regulatory and customer specifications; and action plans for use if an exceedance of a regulatory or customer standard occurs. Each manufacturing facility in the company has a product certification contact, and we perform ongoing, internal programs of training and auditing to ensure our product certification processes are understood and executed. Many of our facilities also are subject to third-party safety and quality audits, including ISO 9001, Safe Quality Food, American Institute of Baking and several other standards.